Editorial: 2021, a new decade starts

Jaime Almansa-Sánchez


We have just celebrated ten years of open access public archaeology, and now we carry on with our venture. Volume 11 brings with it a new layout and format, as well as a new timing for publication. Since our inclusion in Scopus, improving quality goes in hand with the improvement of publication time. This is why, from now on (although this year is still a transitional period), volumes will open in January and close in October, with articles being published when they are ready. We are also starting a new section for shorter articles, aimed at the reporting of projects or ideas with a more formal format than our section Points of You, which will continue to retain its op-ed style. Of course, the philosophy does not change. We want to continue to be an opportunity of wider accessibility for authors and readers, and to continue exploring the physical and thematic frontiers of the discipline.


Public Archaeology; Editorial; Redundancies; Conflict; Farewell

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.23914/ap.v11i0.323


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