Border Culture and Picturing the Dyke

Dan Llywelyn Hall


Dan Llywleyn Hall is a painter who spent three years walking and making paintings inspired by Offa’s Dyke. Born in Cardiff 1980, Dan now lives near the border in Llanfyllin where his studio is based. He has recently taken on the role of guest Editor of Borderlands – a revised Newsletter–cum–Journal that is published twice a year in behalf of the Offa’s Dyke Association. With a new introduction, the key components of the 2021 Walking with Offa project are reproduced here: nineteenth paintings and English-language versions of five of the original twelve poems. These are joined by three perspectives on the project by an artist (Baur), archaeological illustrator (Swogger) and archaeologist (Williams).


art; borderlands; painting; landscape; Offa; poetry

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