Public Archaeology of Church Monuments

Carly McEvoy


Church monuments within the parish church can provide a wealth of information to the public about the history of that community as well as broader social themes. However, traditionally, publicity available on monuments can be limited and churches operate disparate levels of public access and engagement. Where such access and information is available there is a tendency to focus on the most elaborate and anthropomorphic styles, such as effigies, with a concentration on who they represent. This article will consider why church monuments may be important to communities, and the impediments the public may face when engaging with church monuments, ranging from practical reasons such as accessibility, to the provision of misinformation, selective information, or the lack of any resources being provided. Finally, the article will consider how information about, and engagement with, funerary monuments within the parish church setting is consistent, well researched, and publicly available via digital and non-digital media.


Cheshire; church monuments; community; identity; parish church

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